Lukas - Always the Right Tool

Milling, Deburring & Engraving Tools

  • HSS and tungsten carbide (coated and uncoated burrs e.g. TiN, LTE, TiAIN).
  • Filing discs and rings.
  • HSS and tungsten carbide engraving.

Bonded Grinding & Polishing Tools

  • Mounted points - many different qualities for specific applications and materials often bespoke.
  • Polishing points and wheels.
  • Felt polishing points.
  • Diamond pastes, sprays and thinners.
  • Tungsten carbide granulated tipped tools.
  • Wire brushes.

Flexible Grinding & Polishing Tools

  • Flap discs, including a European patented design.
  • Mounted flap wheels.
  • Flap wheels and rolls.
  • Abrasive bands, rolls, caps and sleeves and suitable mandrels.
  • Abrasive discs.
  • Fleece pads, rolls and fibre discs.
  • AS-cleaning fleece.

CBN & Diamond Tools

  • Vitrified CBN and diamond grinding tools for the bearing and fuel injection industries.
  • Electroplated CBN and diamond.
  • Diamond files.

Air Tools

  • Angle grinders.
  • Straight grinders - spindle extension up to 1200mm.
  • Belt grinders.

Rottluff Inside - Cut above the rest

  • Depressed and flat cutting and grinding discs.
  • Ranges include: Promax, Premiumflex, Terraflex and Technocut.
  • Special qualities for the rail industry.
  • Super thin cut-off discs.
  • Zirconium Iron free (INOX).
  • Special quality for aluminium.
  • Cool Jobber - the ability to cut and grind with one disc.
  • Diamond blades for most materials.

Atlantic - Creative and Dynamic

  • Vitrified and resin bonded wheels, for high precision grinding.
  • Honing and superfinishing stones and wheels.
  • Fettling wheels.
  • Segments.
  • Cup wheels.
  • Atlantic specialties include fine grit products up to 2000 grit size, roll grinding wheels - for hot and cold rolling mills, ball grinding, gear and thread grinding, and high porosity wheels for turbine blade grinding.

Cafro - Your superabrasive choice

  • Diamond and CBN wheels in resin, metal and electroplated bonding systems.
  • Vitrified Diamond and CBN wheels for high precision and high speed grinding.
  • Main applications - production and re-sharpening of HSS and carbide tools e.g. circular saws, end mills and twist drills.


  • Roll grinding machines able to accommodate rolls up to 300 tons with a diameter of 2500mm.
  • Roll texturing machines able to accommodate rolls up to 10 tons with a diameter of 800mm.
  • Milling machines.
  • Heavy-duty horizontal lathes.
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